Me gusta. christwire is at it yet again.

Fucking seriously? I need to come up with a name for Christwire faggots,



I also realized that christwire, is Jesus Christ on… A WIRE!


Funny steam group conversation regarding TVJ.

Never tell your password to anyone.
Saturday, December 10, 2011
11:01 PM – /MM/{RainbowCat}๖ۣۜDen๖ۣۜ™: i am a /MM/{RainbowCat}๖ۣۜDen๖ۣۜ™
11:01 PM – \TVJ\ Gilda The Griffon: Assdicks
11:01 PM – /MM/{RainbowCat}๖ۣۜDen๖ۣۜ™: STFU
11:01 PM – /MM/ MP5Pwner: lol?
11:01 PM – \TVJ\ Gilda The Griffon: Ass
11:02 PM – \TVJ\ Gilda The Griffon: Dicks
11:02 PM – /MM/{RainbowCat}๖ۣۜDen๖ۣۜ™: BAN
11:02 PM – \TVJ\ Gilda The Griffon: Asses
11:02 PM – /MM/{RainbowCat}๖ۣۜDen๖ۣۜ™: GILDA
11:02 PM – \TVJ\ Gilda The Griffon: And Dicks
11:02 PM – +:BCL:+ Red Destiny: Hahahajah
11:02 PM – \TVJ\ Gilda The Griffon: Rainbow
11:02 PM – \TVJ\ Gilda The Griffon: he is not going to ban me
11:02 PM – +:BCL:+ Red Destiny: I see youve turned
11:02 PM – \TVJ\ Gilda The Griffon: he is my friend you know
11:02 PM – /MM/{RainbowCat}๖ۣۜDen๖ۣۜ™: THERE PART OF TVJ
11:02 PM – \TVJ\ Gilda The Griffon: Dude
11:02 PM – /MM/{RainbowCat}๖ۣۜDen๖ۣۜ™: KILL THEM WITH FIRE
11:02 PM – \TVJ\ Gilda The Griffon: i rejoined TVJ
11:02 PM – /MM/ MP5Pwner: TVJ?
11:02 PM – \TVJ\ Gilda The Griffon: because
11:02 PM – \TVJ\ Gilda The Griffon: MM
11:02 PM – \TVJ\ Gilda The Griffon: was antibrony
11:02 PM – \TVJ\ Gilda The Griffon: for awhile
11:02 PM – /MM/ MP5Pwner: Why the fuck would you rejoin TVJ lol bunch of faggolas.
11:02 PM – +:BCL:+ Red Destiny: Kill him with fire
11:02 PM – /MM/{RainbowCat}๖ۣۜDen๖ۣۜ™: THE BAD TEAM MP5 THE BAD TEAM
11:02 PM – /MM/ MP5Pwner: MM is nantibrony.ot
11:02 PM – /MM/{RainbowCat}๖ۣۜDen๖ۣۜ™: KILL TVJ AT ALL COSTS


Christwire: Most stupid website on the earth

As alot of you know, this dumbshit website is anti-brony, with a bunch of butthurt christians crying over homosexuals and terrorists.

Apparently, this stupid website is saying Battlefield 3 Is a patriotism game, and is calling MW3 a homosexual game. Since when do you rape a boy in MW3? Dumbfucks.

The bitches who run the fuck are:

Jack Gould
Mike Watson
S. Billings
Susan B. Xueno
Tyson Bowers III
Bryan Blake
August Weisz
I copied this shit directly from the website, if i included all the fuckshits who run the site i would have a long article. And here are some of the quotes of the stupidity:
“Nothing says “I love Jesus“, like killing terrorists and taking down glitter lipped homosexual sleeper cells that are trying to smear musky death and destruction across American’s virgin loins. “BF3″ even gives you even get the chance to take down some no good Canadian ice Mexicans, who are trying to smuggle their countries low moral standards over our boarders and infect our children with their gayness and weak will. In the game Battlefield 3, the player is submerged into a world of true American grit and tightly wraps the player with manly imagery of patriotism, anti-homosexuality and Christian-American values.”
Oh, so killing makes Jesus happy? And WAR makes jesus happy? must be some crazy people.
379979 200393786711631 135617236522620 434477 1432543834 n Chinese Scientists Create Shark Woman Mermaid (real picture evidence)Satan has used his power and helped the Chinese evolve this poor woman into a shark mermaid. The Bible warns of evil sea creatures in the end time and this creature fits the bill.”